I’m a Daddy! [VIDEO] (Inspired by Pharrell’s “Happy”)

Someone shared this video with me today, and it provided my feel good moment of the day. So, I thought I’d pass it on. I have nothing to add to the video other than saying…

I’m a Daddy!

Would you say one of the best gifts you’ve ever received is the opportunity to be a daddy? If so, please tell me in the comments section, followed by the words, “I’m a Daddy!”

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2 thoughts on “I’m a Daddy! [VIDEO] (Inspired by Pharrell’s “Happy”)

  1. Thanks for sharing this video, Jackie!

    Being a father is definitely one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Sure, there’s pressure and frustration at time,s but there’s nothing more fulfilling. I’M A DADDY (and proud)!!