3 Reasons I’m Considering Homeschooling as an Option For My Kids

Just like I became the accidental stay-at-home mom, I’m starting to see the title of accidental homeschooling mom might not be that far-fetched.

This is a guest post by Christine St.Vil.  As a coach and trainer, Christine helps moms across the country feel good and have self-care without the guilt.  Through her blog she is helping women fulfill the most exciting position of all: being a Mom ‘N Charge! Christine is a proud wife and mother of three, ages 20 months, 3 and 5.  Find Christine on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @MomsNCharge.  If you want to guest post on my blog, check out the guidelines here.

Homework, Homeschool, Lifelong Learning and Why Homework Should Be Enjoyable

Lifelong learning is a goal of ours and something we try to teach to our children.  We are a homeschooling family, but lifelong learning should apply and be adopted by all families:  homeschoolers, public schoolers, and private schoolers.

Homework, Schoolwork, Homeschool and why Homework should be enjoyable

The purpose of learning is to gain knowledge, develop skills, and be able to apply them in our lives.  When reminded of that, it becomes easier to embrace lifelong learning.  It may not make it easy, because learning will stretch and challenge us, but enjoyable.

Why All Homeschoolers Need Support Systems and How to Get Them

One of the common misconceptions of homeschooling is that you sit at home all day without any outside interaction for the kids or parents.  You are “home alone” trying to create a learning experience and educational tools by yourself.  Although this is not true for our family, there have been periods of time when it has happened to us.

Homeschool support

How Your Family Can Bring the Sunday Morning Sermon Home

Will instruction about who God is, and what He has done be part of your homeschooling experience this coming year?  Hopefully yes!  Here are some ideas about a way you can “bring the Sunday morning sermon home.

Family Bringing the Sunday Sermon Home
This is a guest post by Jeff Hoots.  He blogs about his adventures, misadventures, and lessons learned as a husband, homeschooling dad, and CPA.  You can follow Jeff on Twitter @jeffhoots, and read about more of his adventures on his blog, JeffHoots.net.  If you want to guest post on my blog, check out the guidelines here.