I’m a Daddy! [VIDEO] (Inspired by Pharrell’s “Happy”)

Someone shared this video with me today, and it provided my feel good moment of the day. So, I thought I’d pass it on. I have nothing to add to the video other than saying…

I’m a Daddy!

Would you say one of the best gifts you’ve ever received is the opportunity to be a daddy? If so, please tell me in the comments section, followed by the words, “I’m a Daddy!”

The 3 Step Plan to G.E.T. Better as a Husband and Father

On my wedding day I was given the advice, “be a man for your family.” To a 26-year-old man who was entering marriage already with a child, it sounded like profound advice. I thought, “this is what it takes, I have to be a man for my family.”

The 3-Step Plan to G.E.T. Better as a Husband and Father | JackieBledsoe.com - Lead and Love the Ones Who Matter Most

If I could just be that man for my family, then things would go well, and I’d be doing what I was suppose to be doing. But over time when life, marriage, parenting, and family become more real, I realized I had no clue.

Why Family Movie Night Should Be a Staple and How to Make it Happen

I’m not a big fan of TV, and because of this our family functions a little different than most. First, we have one TV in our house. That’s right, one for a family of five. My wife wants to add another, but as of right now I think we are fine. Second, we do not have cable TV.

Why Family Movie Night Should Be a Staple and How to Make it Happen | JackieBledsoe.com - Love and Lead the Ones Who Matter Most

While this is not that big of a deal today, it used to be several years ago. We might be one of the pioneers in this because we’ve probably been without cable TV at least seven years. I have no plans on going back to cable, but our family does enjoy having a weekly Family Movie Night.

How to Bless Your Wife and Kids with This One Action

I recently made the decision to turn all the notifications off on my cell phone. I just reached the point where I was overwhelmed. No matter what time of day, no matter what I was doing, and no matter where I was I just kept getting interrupted.

How to Bless Your Wife and Kids with This One Action | JackieBledsoe.com - Growing Family Leaders

Notifications distracted me from everything — from work, from my family, and even from myself. I learned that removing them is a great way to bless your wife and kids.

See Tony Dungy at a Special All Pro Dad Event for Dads and Kids

I’ve written about one my favorite organizations, All Pro Dad, here on my blog in the past. Since I primarily write about marriage and fatherhood you can probably guess why an organization called, All Pro DAD, would be one of my favorites. :)

All Pro Dad Father and Kids Experience 2013 - JackieBledsoe.com

They are an organization with a vision and mission similar to mine.  I love what they are doing, and any chance I get I try to share it, and come alongside to help, I do so.

How to Make the Most of Snow Days

I haven’t left my house since Saturday night. We have experienced one of the worst snow storms in decades. First, 10-12″ of snow came only to be followed by a few days of cold wind leaving the temperatures around -13 degrees, with wind chills making it feel -40 degrees.

How to Make the Most of Snow Days - JackieBledsoe.com - Growing Family Leaders

I’ve gone to our front yard with my wife and kids to make a family of snow people, called the BledSNOW family — see what I did there. ;) I’ve reached out to throw water in the air to see if it would turn to snow or ice, and leaned out to see how long it would take for a wet t-shirt to freeze. I shoveled the drive and checked the mail, once. Let’s just say there has been a lot of down time at the Bledsoe household this week.  And we have yet to go crazy!